1000 Passwords Plus

1000 Passwords Plus 1.0

Stores and creates passwords. Uses one to three separate storage areas
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Caracolix Media

Every computer literate knows there is nothing worst than reusing the same password over and over for each of the services one subscribe to but having many passwords require of a way to safely store them to avoid hacking, phishing and forgetting them.
Here is where software products like 1000 Passwords Plus come to your rescue. One of the main differences that 1000 Passwords Plus offer is it ease of use. You don't need to be a computer literate to enjoy using it. You don't even have to configure it the first time and it don't even have hundreds of choices to configure. It just have the basics which are explained in a single page help document.
You be the judge. Try it for yourself. You'll realize 1000 Passwords Plus is not one alike the rest.

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